Toby and Laffe

Toby Beavers loves ALL animals, especially giraffes. He always wanted a baby giraffe as a child when growing up in New York City, but NO!
Instead, he received a six foot stuffed giraffe that he could climb on. It eventually surrendered to Toby’s increasing weight and went mysteriously missing when he returned home for Thanksgiving from boarding school – thanks Mom!
One day, Toby brought an abandoned baby skunk home, aptly naming her Flower. He took her everywhere on her leash, and she even slept in his bed with him during the cold winter nights (And yes, when Flower got angry with Toby’s teasing, she once sprayed him in the face). “Nothing a ketchup bath can’t cure!” Toby told his mother.
A lifelong naturalist, Toby led an adventure-packed expedition to catch birds and insects in the Amazon with backing from the Smithsonian Institute. After being attacked with spears and arrows and 50 pounds lighter from with amoebic dysentery, Toby switched course. He headed north above the Arctic Circle to Alaska to photograph polar bears. He discovered they were not as sweet as the stuffed ones he played with!
As a child growing up in a household of four young boys, Toby suffered physical and emotional abuse from siblings. This led him to learn how to stand up to their bullying. While he is away at boarding school, he is constantly versed in children’s manners and morals.
Today, Toby lives in Charlottesville with his wife, Terri, and spends his days gardening and publishing self-esteem children’s books for parents, teachers and early beginner readers with simple, the subtle anti-bullying message: Kindness starts with you!